Hi all, it’s me again and I’m now back after long hibernating since my last post on April 8, 2011. I’m truly sorry about this disappearance.

What had actually happened……… besides my busy schedule, I am also disappointed with these unethical conducts by the persons who send thousands of SPAM comments to this blog for the purpose of backlinks. FYI, Blog.zulyusof.com wasn’t set for automatic approval of the comments. As of today, there are 123,892 comments pending for approval and most of it are SPAM. I’ve also installed Anti-SPAM plugin (NoSpamNX) and it has done good work! Since the installation on October 30, 2011 NoSpamNX has stopped 75781 birdbrained Spambots (~ 936 per Day).

I hope year 2012 will not be so hectic and permits me to continue blogging on blog.zulyusof.com

See you later….