Yesterday, I’ve discussed the description of typical submarine cable system in reference to the “Typical Submarine Cable System” diagram. Under “Terminal Equipment” description, the terminal equipment such as PFE, SLTE, SIE, SSE and NME have been mentioned (please refer yesterday’s post for description of these acronyms). The terminal equipment are typically housed in the cable landing station premises.

For your better understanding, today I’ll post another version of “Typical Submarine/Undersea Cable System” diagram that include terminal equipment components. I have 2 similar diagrams that I would like to share as follows:

Typical Undersea Cable System

Four major components form an undersea cable system

Note: Mux in the diagram is an acronym for Multiplexer.

The second diagram below demarcates the submarine cable system into two parts namely “Dry Plant” and “Wet Plant”.

Submarine Cable System Diagram

Submarine Cable System Diagram

Note: PoP in the diagram is an acronyms for Point of Presence

Source: TeleGeography


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