Continued… Part VIII – International Submarine Cable facts and figures.

I’d like to share another global submarine cable routes map for 2010, which is quite similar with the 2009 version (posted yesterday) but with additional new cable systems (if any).

Global Submarine Cable Map 2010

Global Submarine Cable Map 2010 -----Courtesy: TeleGeography

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The global/international submarine cable map depicts in-service cables with a minimum capacity of 5 Gbps after full upgrades. Note that the cable routes on the map are stylized and do not reflect physical cable location.

The top-5 longest submarine cable system:

SeaMeWe-3 is the longest submarine cable built to date (please correct me if I’m wrong). The system spans 39,000 kilometers from Norden in Germany to Keoje in South Korea. Its 39 landing points connect 32 different countries.

The top-5 longest submarine cable system in the world are as follows:

  1. 39,000 km >> SeaMeWe-3
  2. 30,500 km >> Southern Cross
  3. 30,476 km >> China-USA
  4. 28,000 km >> FLAG Europe-Asia
  5. 25,000 km >> South America-1

Global Lit Submarine Cable Capacity

The first intercontinental telephony submarine cable system, TAT-1, connected North America to Europe in 1956 and had an initial capacity of only 640 Kbps. Since then, total trans-Atlantic cable capacity has soared to well over 7 Tbps in 2007. In recent years, the annual growth of lit trans-Atlantic capacity has slowed, while the growth rates on the intra-Asian and Europe-Asia routes have increased rapidly.

Source: TeleGeography


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