Continued… Part III – EOC Roles and Responsibilities.

Yesterday, I wrote that the Emergency Operation Center (“EOC”) shall be established to serve as MERC’s operation and command center for monitoring and coordinating MERC’s emergency response to public threats in Malaysia.

Today, I’ll focus on the proposed roles and responsibilities of EOC (and MERC as well) as follows:


  • The EOC shall allow MERC to maintain situational awareness of disaster related events at the national (and international), state, and local levels.
  • EOC shall be staffed around-the-clock, it serves as MERC’s central point of contact for reporting threats, and supports the existing Government’s Operations Center (if any).
  • During an emergency response, the EOC brings together specialists from across MERC to efficiently exchange information and connect with the stakeholders i.e. ministries, government agencies, state agencies, and local authorities; and emergency response partners in Malaysia i.e. Police, MERS, SAR,  SMART, Fire & Rescue Dept., Hazmat, JPA3, Red Crescent, Rescue 991, MARES, and others.
  • For multi-state or severe emergencies, MERC provides additional resources and coordinates response efforts across multiple jurisdictions, both domestically and abroad.
  • MERC shall seek assistance from regional and international experts specializing in search and rescue, medical, firefighting, hazardous materials, and emergency rapid assessment such as the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management (AHA Centre) in Jakarta where the latter shall coordinate with the authorities in Malaysia (MERC) for offers and requests for assistance from the region and international organizations.
  • The proposed EOC facility shall accommodate sufficient personnel per shift when fully staffed for two to three shifts per day to handle situations ranging from local interests to worldwide events.
  • For an efficient operation, EOC shall be managed by a department within MERC i.e. Department of Emergency Operations (DEO).
  • To support state and local efforts during an emergency response, EOC staff coordinates deployment of MERC staff and equipment that MERC responders may need.
  • In addition, the EOC is proposed to have the capability to transport life-supporting medications, equipment, and personnel at any time anywhere in Malaysia via aircraft that can be launched within 2 hours of notification.

To be continued… Part IV – How does the EOC operate?


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